COVID RESPONSE: Letter to Director Kilgore, California Department of Child Support Services. Re: “Supporting low-income parents and families in the midst of COVID-19”

Coalition Response to January Budget

Current Budget Request Legislation

2020-2021 Budget Request (see budget request) 

  • Increase child support passed through to the family from $50 to $100 for the first child and $200 for two or more children. Continue redirecting the rest of each month’s child support payment to the state, county and federal government. 
  • End double counting of child support payment made in CalWORKs 
  • Stop charging 10 percent interest on child support debt owed. 
  • Eliminate uncollectible government owed child support debt. 

AB 2029 (Berman) would conform CalWORKs income exclusion of child support paid with the income exclusion policies of CalFresh, Medi-Cal and Child Support laws. 

AB 2325 (Carrillo) would restore Section 4007.5 of the Family Code with a 3 year sunset. This law was allowed to sunset last year, requiring the Dept of Child Support Services, child support agencies and the courts to manually process child support order suspensions for people who are incarcerated for 90 days or longer, as required by federal law, rather than have them automatically suspended. 

AB 3314 (Weber) would conform to state law establishing guidelines for default child support orders of the non-custodial parent as required by federal rule.